Information about AviaPOS

How it works

How it Works



  • Proactively showcase your products or services all year around
  • Invite your customers to follow you and be notified automatically when you post a new listing
  • Post unlimited number of listings to promote your products or services
  • Use pictures or video clips on your listings to fully describe your items or services
  • Use industry known terms to define your listed items (New, Overhaul, Serviceable, Outright, Exchange)
  • Accept orders on site or redirect buyers to contact you directly or visit your own website
  • Reject orders if unable to fulfill before you approve payment from buyer
  • No extra posting fees per ad listed
  • Get one monthly promotion into our AviaPOS News digital magazine with an audience of thousands of qualified aviation professionals readers.

Sellers must subscribe to a plan from our AviaPOS members page in order to post new listings. Credentials to subscribe are not the same as your credentials to login to the marketplace.  A subscription profile must be created before you can post any listings. To see a list of available plans you most first create a subscription profile.  Create your profile and view our live traffic statistics here.


  • Unlimited searching with no membership fee, no need to login 
  • Search by category for part number, description, or supplier's name and filter by condition, price type, and availability
  • Find aircraft products including avionics, rotables, airframe spare parts, consumables, equipment, & tools
  • Search for service centers or repair facilities around the world and filter by location on our AviaPOS map view
  • Search for FBO's around the world and filter by location on our AviaPOS map view
  • Purchase items for sale on site or contact seller to buy on their website or directly with them
  • Follow your preferred suppliers and immediately be notified when they posts a new listing 
  • Post comments on Sellers to rate their performance

Refunds & Disputes

AviaPOS is the marketplace venue provider for Buyers and Sellers to interact with each other. All transactions that take place inside the marketplace are binding contracts between buyers and sellers only. AviaPOS does not participate in such transactions and is not bound to any terms or conditions set by sellers or buyers. AviaPOS provides just the means for buyers to pay on site and sellers to get paid on site. However, if there is ever a request for refund, AviaPOS will mediate between both parties to solve the issue. In the event that the transaction needs to be refunded or disputed, buyers will not be able to dispute charges in their credit card and will need to request a refund from the seller directly.  Members must be aware that the AviaPOS payment system IS NOT set up to allow transactions refunded or disputed by credit card companies automatically and since AviaPOS is not the actual seller of the item disputed, the dispute will be denied. ALTHOUGH AviaPOS ADMIN WILL MEDIATE TO RESOLVE ALL ISSUES, ANY REFUNDS OR DISPUTES MUST BE SETTLED AND AGREED ON OUTSIDE THE MARKETPLACE BY THE PARTIES INVOLVED. AviaPOS is not liable for any unresolved disputes.