Whelen Aerospace Technologies

Whelen Aerospace Technologies

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Roy was an aeronautical engineer and ex- Air Force pilot who had 40 years of aircraft design, flight testing, FAA certification and aircraft manufacturing experience. Roy was one of the designers of the lunar module for Grumman Aircraft, Chief Engineer of Grumman American Aviation, President of Mooney Aircraft, Vice President of Engineering Beechcraft, Senior Vice President of Engineering Piper Aircraft, President of LoPresti Piper Aircraft Engineering , and President of LoPresti Speed Merchants.

LoPresti Aviation holds PMA and STCS for many drag reducing, efficiency increasing modifications. LoPresti also manufactures PMA replacement parts and holds approximately 400+ STCs for aircraft landing and taxi light installations. We have supplied parts to Hawker Beechcraft, Cirrus Aircraft, Piper Aircraft, Adam Aircraft and Maule Aircraft production lines to support their production.

The BoomBeam HID landing and taxi lighting is our company's focus. LoPresti also provides engineering design services to aircraft manufactures to solve problems or to improve their products. Our core competency is landing and taxi light installations, as well as aircraft performance improvement.

Company Name: Whelen Aerospace Technologies

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