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At Advantage Aviation Technologies, we have developed an extensive catalog of FAA certified repair capabilities for fixed wing aircraft including Boeing, Gulfstream, Learjet and more. Our growing list of repair capabilities ensure that we can deliver competitively priced solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.



S5411060900000 Air Inlet Duct ATR42/72

S5411060900011 Air Inlet Duct ATR42/72

S5411060900040 Air Inlet Duct ATR42/72

S5411265600000 Air Inlet Duct ATR42/72

S5411265600200 Air Inlet Duct ATR42/72

S5411265600600 Air Inlet Duct ATR42/72

S5411049500000 Air Outlet ATR42/72

S5411278000000 Air Outlet ATR42/72

651G1006-00 Waste Container ATR42/72

SVL6000-14 Waste Container ATR42/72

SVL6096-17 Waste Container ATR42/72

S7811000000000 Exhaust Jet Pipe ATR42/72

S7811200000000 Exhaust Jet Pipe ATR42/72

S7811200000200 Exhaust Jet Pipe ATR42/72

S242100400000 Generator Housing ATR42/72

S241100400300 Generator Housing ATR42/72

S2421002600000 Generator Housing ATR42/72

S2421003300000 Generator Housing ATR42/72

S2421004000000 Generator Housing ATR42/72

S2421401000000 Generator Housing ATR42/72

S2421401000200 Generator Housing ATR42/72

S2421401100000 Generator Housing ATR42/72

S2421401400000 Generator Housing ATR42/72

S2421401800000 Generator Housing ATR42/72

S5411267000000 Deicer Upper Radiator Conduit Duct ATR72

S5411267000200 Deicer Upper Radiator Conduit Duct ATR72

S7531200500000 Duct Assembly ATR72

ATD50N Duct/Discharge Piping ATR72

S5411200000001 Engine Mount ATR72

S5421200000101 Engine Mount ATR72

S5421220000000 Engine Mount ATR72

S5421220000400 Engine Mount ATR72

S5421221000000 Engine Mount ATR72

S5421221000051 Engine Mount ATR72

S5421220000100 Generator Housing ATR72

S5421220000500 Generator Housing ATR72

M10DE0103 Exhaust Duct ATR72

M10DE0104 Exhaust Duct ATR72

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Listing created Feb 11, 2020

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